dealssurface - 64gb with black touch cover for $329.00…


@pocketbrain: thats exactly what i was checking. need new small cheap laptop


Thats a horrible price for an RT machine. I cant believe they arent giving RT machines away skince they couldnt sell them to begin with.


I'll chime in again. Agreed that that price is too high, I got mine from that eBay site, and THAT is a good price, esp. $40 more for the highly recommended keyboard. I bought from same site, it came as brand new and already updated to 8.1


For another $30 or so you can get a full 8.1 ASUS T100, which is a much better machine in basically every category (It doesn't have a flip-out stand...), especially the keyboard.


@cineris1104: Actually during the holiday rush I got my T100 for $340 (64gb). Totally worth it, especially considering it includes Office (which I use frequently).


Does not compare to ipad. Unlike ipad this is useful. Standard mini HDMI out, usb slot, sd memory card. PRINTS DOCUMENTS TO ABOUT ANY NETWORK ATTACHED PRINTER. You can use a mouse. An actual device that is durable and works great. It is RT but personally i have not had any real problems because of that. App store not as big as ipads but it does most stuff natively. Like printing and the ability to have a mouse. Comes with Office and the ability to click "file" " print". Just saying....


Bought one of these a couple months ago and it is awsome. Our house has 3 Android tablets, an Ipad, and now the Surface RT plus a couple of laptops. This has become the go-to machine for our entire family. You won't find thousands of time-waster apps for it but for all the apps that really matter, they are either pre-installed or readily available. It integrated effortlessly with all our other network devices (Printer, TV, X-Box, Desktop, laptops, and a network receiver). For a little more than what I paid for one of our Android tablets and a lot less than I paid for the iPad, this is totally worth it. Plus, one of the best features is that it has user accounts. Each family member creates their own login and can customize their own experience. Microsoft family safety is also integrated to help me keep track of the amount of time and what kids are doing on the machine.