dealsthe ultimate matrix collection [blu-ray] for $29…


Im in for one. I have waiting for the price to drop on this from a place I have heard of.


Without Animatrix it's not even complete let alone "Ultimate".


"...Also included is the companion piece The Matrix Revisited and the best-selling The Animatrix, plus five entirely new Blu-ray discs packed solid with brand-new supplemental materials that encompass every aspect of the Matrix universe, including two new audio commentaries on each film, Enter the Matrix video game footage, 106 deep-delving featurettes/documentaries and much more! "


Being that's it's "ultimate"...does that mean the last two movies were actually edited into the one movie they should have been?


@misry: The description is off. It does include the Animatrix (of course!)


@kyesdad: It actually means the 2nd and 3rd movies come doused in gasoline for your lighting-on-fire convenience.


@zachnolan: Now now, its actually two movies, split into 3.


Sadly I got this deal that last time it was this price. I have still yet to watch them and it's been over a year.


@sleeperagent2: You mean like when it dropped to $25.49 four weeks ago when I bought it?

Good call.