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I want to say good things... but I'm still waiting for my glasses to ship...
They say shipping takes 5-9 working days after processing and processing takes 3-4 business days for normal single vision eyeglasses.

So allow me to do the math for you, 2-3 weeks from when you order, you hopefully get your glasses.
Right now my order has been in "PassedQC" status for a number of days... I wonder if this is considered processing or shipping time, or am I just in limbo... We shall see.


I've ordered a couple pair from them with no problems. Their shipping is a little slow, but they're selling stuff really cheap.


Their glasses is really cheap. I ordered 2 pairs before, and plan to get a new pair at the end of the month. My experience is their shipping is fairly fast.


I have ordred a number of pairs from them. The quality is good, better than goggles4u. It has taken 3-4 weeks from the time of the order until they arrive.


I deal with Zenni Optical for cheap online glasses. (Cut out the space and add dot com for their website.) I have 14 pairs between my wife and I and have had no issues. We've paid a total of $139 shipped for all of those, including prescription sunglasses. I HAVE ordered from Goggles4U and one other site in the past, (NOT this one) and had bad experiences. If I had a reason not to buy from Zenni, I'd try this place, just because it's cheap. 2-3 weeks shipping time is not unusual. Don't forget, they have to MAKE them before they can ship them. Make sure you have your pupil distance measured before you ordered. I had a pair that was "just not right" and when I tried to order a similar pair from Zenni, they contacted me and told me the frames were not compatible with my pupil distance. I guess the other place didn't care enough to let me know. Just food for thought. As I said, I have no experience with this seller.