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Why the down vote and no comments? Like I said it's my first post and I can't get any better if no one gives me some constructive criticism...


Woot is not the place for car deals! This isn't even a good deal! KBB is garbage, it's only used by dealers to get you to think you're getting a good deal. If you really want to know what a car's worth, then look up the wholesale price on NADA or go to website with the black book online and find the trade in value of the car. The trade in value is what you should pay for a used car.


Ok! Understood, I guess there was a reason why I had not seen them up here before, figured I'd try something a little different, but hey oh well. Thanks for your help :)

vote-for1vote-against Kinda wish there was a site like woot! for cars, it would make looking for a car WAYYYYYYY easier.