dealsband of brothers & the pacific special edition…


This is a fantastic series based on books written by the guys who were profiled in the series.
Not for the weak of stomach as it does try to portray the gritty realities of the war.
My dad served in the Pacific and it was a good jumping off point to talk. He would never talk about it before watching this.

Good deal !


FYI, Bluray set is only $10 more. And I second ceagee's comment. While I personally didn't find The Pacific to be quite as gripping as Band of Brothers, these are both terrific series. If you're one of the few who haven't yet experienced them yet, I promise you won't be able to move for an hour after watching the episode, "Why We Fight" - don't look up any spoilers, but I found it to be one of the most highly emotionally intense television moments in history.


I 2nd that these are both really good. I watched a few BOB before getting married and didn't get to finish as we didnt have cable at first. Several years later I got to watch both series. It was like a war movie marathon at my house for a few days.