dealsbean bags up to 50% off


Great for survival. If you run out of food you can eat the beans.


I see one that's 50% off. Most are in the 10%-30% range.


The least expensive one is $60 for a NASCAR chair that's currently available for $23 at Meijer, next least is $85...who pays that much for a bean bag chair? Are they full of magic beans? Unless buying one somehow leads to a goose and golden eggs, this isn't a deal.

My personal opinion is that nobody should pay for a bean bag chair; they should all be obtained for free from the curb and duct-taped back into usefulness, like God intended.


If this is similar to the last deal with the 5ft Fuf Foam bag chair on here, it is worth EVERY penny.


@whatawhiner: I like the cut of your jib. I've never even met someone who has purchased a beanbag chair, but I know several people who have them. The life cycle of the beanbag chair is a wonder of nature.


It's all fun and games until a child finds the zipper.


Bummer they show a nice bean bag that's not 50% off what a great deal that would be.