dealsvornado whole room air circulator for $29.99 + $5…


Because "whole room air circulator" sounds a lot more impressive than "fan".


It's pretty accurate though. I aim one up into the corner of a fairly large room and it creates a very gentle breeze in the entire room. I love my vornado, it kicks ass.


This the same price as the last time Woot sold them ?


Paid $54 at Home Depot for this same fan back in July. Awesome little fan. A vornado fan was one of my first woots ever back in 2008. Used it all through college and now it is used daily back home with my parents.


@theflatline: Exactly. Aim them at a wall or the ceiling and the directed air moves more air than just a fan.

We got one several years ago on Woot and I've been waiting to pick up a couple more. They're great for Spring and Fall when the nights are cool outside and hot inside. They quickly move the cool air into the house, eliminating the need for AC here in the Southwest desert.


Woot! Missed this on Home.woot a few days ago. Glad to pick one up. Replacing an old crappy fan in the bedroom with this.


Got one of these from a company health program 3-4 years back and I love it. It moves a lot of air for (relatively) low noise. I use it year round (I hate still air) and it still works about as good as the day I got it.


good small fan. the one we have is noisy, though.


I bought one on Thursday evening, and it was already delivered on Monday afternoon. On the lowest setting, it is "whisper quiet" and still moves a respectable amount of air. On the highest setting, it's loud, but blows hard enough to literally knock the decor off my wall. And then there is a nice happy medium as well. Vornado is absolutely the best name in fans, er, excuse me, air-circulation devices.