deals49¢ medium slurpee at 7-eleven


I just found out that they have low calorie slurpees - I'm going tomorrow to try one out


@squirtle456: They are actually amazing. The diet cherry limeade is awesome, as is the diet Sprite. I was surprised by how sugary they tasted. Delicious!


@rubysoho: Thanks, now I really need to go and check these out.


This is perfect timing. My 5 year old recently discovered slurpees. I know, seems kind of late for him to finally have one, but Ive never been one to go to 7-11 often. Now he wants one all the time.

Oh, and those low calories ones are really good. I had him get one of those because I dont like the idea of him taking in so much sugar. Dont know if they actually have less sugar but they are very good.