dealsfree small drink and small fries w/ purchase of a…


Not just good! Awesome stuff!


Honestly, the reubens are probably the best thing at Arby's right now. The bread is a nice dark rye instead of the usual choice between white or wheat, and the thick stack of sauerkraut is good comfort food.

And if you have a stupidly large metabolism like I do, you can get the double-stack reuben with both corned beef and turkey. And now I'm hungry again.


I know what im having for lunch today.


@dreamshade: Agreed. Arby's puts together a pretty solid Reuben sammich, and I'd happily use this offer if I can substitute out the fries ... although I do try to avoid fast food chains whenever possible; poison, I tell you!


Has Arby's revamped the sandwich? My local Arby's has had a reuben on the menu for ages but last time I tried it a year ago it was pretty disappointing. I guess I'll have to give it another shot.

Best reuben I've ever had actually came from Iowa City, IA. Everything was fresh from local farms and whatnot, and it was amazingly delicious! Best of all it was only $8 with a side and drink. Can't wait till I'm in that town again to get another one!


@charlesp2009: I agree, I don't get the reuben from Arby's because I thought it was one of the worst I've had. I like the outside to be nice and buttery-toasted, and theirs was kind of gently dried. Too much dressing for my taste, too. But, for those who like it, you can't beat the free add-ons. :-)

@andrewnroman: substitute out Arby's curly fries? Blasphemer!! I think it was Ben Franklin who said "Everything in moderation. Except Arby's curly fries."


Last couple of times I had their reuben, it was delicious.


does this print out fuzzy for anyone else? (except for my name)


Looked fine for me, although I use 60% size when I print(to save toner) so it got quite small and yes my name part seemed clearer than the rest of the email with the exp date being kind of hard to read.


@dig311dug: Mine is fuzzy, too, but worked just fine.


there is no need to print. It states "turn your phone around and show the cashier". I can't imagine printing that out; you would incur the same cost for toner as the free drink and fries.



Isn't it weird how their roast beef sandwiches are a lot healthier than their market fresh sandwiches? Eating Arby's makes me feel fat regardless, but it's so darn good.


ugh I'll get my meat from places where animals are not treated cruel.


Arby's doesn't abuse animals, they just buy the meat. Unless you're talking about their employees.