deals3 pack: core bamboo set of natural colored…


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I bought this set on a different deal a while back. probly used 3 times. they have splinters to begin with. my knife cuts it pretty easily. you cant just leave it in the sink when youre done chopping. and it rips up my sponge when i wash it. only good thing is the low price and they are pretty lightweight.


I got a core Bamboo cutting board from a deal on Woot about 6 months ago. It was a larger 1 cutting board deal. It has been a great cutting board for me. The only problem that I have found is that you have to FLIP it over every week or so. The Cutting side gets wet and the down side stays dry mostly so it starts to curl a little and your cutting side becomes concave. A concave surface is not conducive to proper cutting techniques!


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