dealssamsung pro 64gb secure digital extended capacity…


Not knocking the product or the price, but what sets these apart from their SanDisk counterparts that are selling for a couple bucks cheaper on Amazon?


@mrbarister: Samsung is quoting 80MB/s write speed, while SanDisk is saying only 30MB/s.

Samsung: With data transfer speeds up to 80 MB/s, the Samsung SDXC Pro UHS-1 Class 10 Memory Card can keep pace with the steep memory demands of DSLR photography and HD recording. The card records photos quickly, allowing you to capture up to ten 8 MB photos in a single second. The fast data speeds also ensure prompt uploading when you transfer files between the card and your PC.

SanDisk: SanDisk® Mobile Ultra™ microSDXC™ memory cards plug directly into most phones with a microSDXC™ card slot‡‡, providing speeds up to 30MB/sec** and instant expansion of memory capacity.
Also the SanDisk version is the same price on Newegg.


This is an excellent deal for an excellent card. This Class 10 card transfers data very fast and is the one you'd want for recording HD video.


Not sure why this is a "deal"? Best Buy has this for $40. 64GB/Class 10 SDXC.


@subrec: No, they don't. Best Buy has "this" for $99.99. They have another brand for the price you quoted.


@subrec not only is that a link to another brand, its also a link to a standard SD card size, whereas this deal is for a MicroSD card size.


@dlineownzu4life: Actually, hold on. This isn't a MicroSD either. I had made the same assumption.

That said, Best Buy does have this for $99.99, same price as the MicroSD version:


@netonyx: It does look oddly like a micro SD from the picture.


@gga1759: Thanks! That is what I wanted to know. Twice the speed at almost the same price is an excellent deal!


Here is a 64GB micro SD card for those interested: Class 10, 30mb/s, for $60, free shipping: