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Disney has offered this deal the last couple years and it has been a great opportunity for military families. This offer is directly through Disney and is not a travel package come-on. You can buy tickets in advance or through gate sales. They are good for 3 days from activation on first use. These are "Hopper" tickets, which allow you to visit any and all of the theme park areas as you wish. See details on the Disney site.

While prices may vary during the season, the normal cost for each of these age 10 and up tickets is $250 for the 3 days. The price for a child's age 3-9 ticket is $235, so savings are $110-125.

If you stay at a park hotel, you may also be eligible for a lodging discount depending on availability. Check and reserve in advance.

Please note that in-state residents (depends on zip code) may be eligible for other discounts, so check which option gives the best price.

Block-out dates:
Feb 15-17, 2013
Mar 25 through Apr 5, 2013
July 4, 2013


I realized after the edit time expired that I did not specify that this offer is valid at the California Disney Land theme park. Or specify the California residents may be eligible for other pricing offers.

Please note there is a matching offer for Orlando, Florida's Disney World. The offers are not quite identical because of differences in facilities.


@tpscan: Any link for the Disneyworld (FL) location?


Disneyworld fl military discount 4 days for $156.00
link: Click here: Walt Disney World® - Walt Disney World® - Special Offer


Hi @thormj: The matching deal for the Disney World park in Orlando, FL can be found here:

I see @kvm32123 gave the direct link to the Disney page. Thanks!