deals12 artisan craft beers for $1.60 each for $19.00…


Here's the price breakdown from the site:

Package offerings:
Month-to-Month Auto-renewal, $42
3 Months, $108 ($36/month)
6 Months, $204 ($34/month)
12 Months, $384 ($32/month)


I deliver beer. Our company is in Wisconsin and have a few of these beers. New Glarus is an amazing beer with a fantastic seasonal rotation, also it is only available in Wisconsin. They do not sell beyond state lines, so count it as a blessing to be able to get these beers. Central waters also makes some phenomal brews.


So is the $19 just for the first month?


It's auto-renewal though. You gotta be careful and cancel in time, or your gonna get charged for the next batch at the rate of $3.5/bottle. They do have some great beers on the list, but that is still pretty pricey.


@hopec12: Easy to cancel out of - just bought mine and instantly canceled subscription - thanks for the tip!


@golfpro261: Then they've gotten better since I last tried them. The IPA (something about a squirrel?) was decent, but the Ufda and Spotted Cow were cleared least-common-denominator beers, targeted at tourists and people who want to pretend to drink craft beer but don't want to deal with flavor.


Can this ship to Virginia? I didnt think you could ship beer to virginia, only wine.


Not seeing the deal here. Is it just me? I do live in a state where craft beer is very prevelent and about half the price. But do other states make is difficult enough to get good beer that it's worth spending $32 a 12 pack?