dealsstaples $75 off coupon code for all windows…


Too bad you can't confirm that the $75 off coupon will be honored on a purchase until you check out. I was going to buy a tablet ONLY if the $75 coupon would be applied, but they have a disclaimer that says there are limitations and "if coupon applies it will be added at checkout". Obviously if the coupon isn't valid on that product it's a deal breaker for me!


@m3doc: You don't have to complete the checkout process to see if it works or not, you just need to get to the payment page or review your order page.


@m3doc: No doubt. You would think they would apply it in the cart, but nope. You have to wait until you enter all your credit card info and then actually hit purchase before they tell you if the item is eligible. Crazy.


Just like jdgriffin811 said - I got all the way to the end. And you can see the discounts and such on the right, pic attached.

I didn't have to put anything in card/payment wise to see that screen in order to confirm the discount was indeed applied.


I wish this applied to the nexus....


@onsalefor10cents: It doesn't? I'm going to cry. I was planning on getting the nexus...


Is there a minimum purchase requirement? I've tried two different tablets and it won't take the discount. Keeps telling me to make sure I've met the minimum purchase requirements. Both tabs I selected were under $200.