dealsamerican airlines u.s. flight sale, from $59 each…


I got 4 pop-up windows from this "deal" and some of those give an "are you sure you want to close this window" on them.

I picked a few domestic cities and found prices around $340. As for the $59 fare, I'm not sure which cities need to be selected for it.


This is a fake, I have tried to book a flight using the exact paramaters laid out in the page, and it still offers flights for $300+. Don't waste your time.


Use the pink arrow on the web site to go to the American Airlines page. From there you can select your airport and price range to limit the results. I did not see many from the airport I frequent.


Like pattiq says, click on the pink arrow. That takes you where you need to go. I didn't find anything worthwhile for a trip that I'm planning soon - in contrast to many travel sites, the search only showed one-way ticket prices and then added them later. (I.e., showed a $127 flight, but then I still had to add the return trip at $200 something). No big savings here.


Oooo - that's not good. My cheapest flight came out to $666.


Book by July 20th, and travel between August 21 - October 14, 2012


.... these are no bargains. Airlines are getting to be like the Insurance Companies..... they own all the money, they just let us use it from time to time.......


Again, I saw no good deals. It opened four different browsers. I will try clicking on the pink arrow to see if I have some luck.


Didn't get a deal either. One-way from Louisville to Dallas was $185. My GF just booked this flight round-trip for $200 on Delta a few weeks ago.