deals$5 for a $10 boston market card - new customers


Not worth it; as with other offers, Saveology requires a paid subscription to take advantage of this "deal".

Steer clear of this one folks, unless you're okay with paying $5 plus subscription fees for a 10$ gift card.


Where is the information about subscription fees? I searched the website, but I found nothing about these fees.


@karenpowelllaw: I didn't see anything about fees either.

From their FAQ:

What does it cost to sign up and receive these promotions?

IT’S FREE! When you see a deal you like, you have the choice to make that purchase before the deal ends. Saveology Daily Deals will never place an unauthorized charge to your account.


My buddy and I, in college, used to buy a BM chicken, each, for dinner. Those were some good dinners.


You have to call a number to redeem a gift card that they send you by mail. It took forever, the woman barely spoke english, and then offered subscriptions to magazines, and a $5 for $100 worth in food (which was very vague).

I don't think turning over my credit card information and going through a good ten minute call where I had to spell out every letter of my 16 digit e-mail adress was worth saving $5 at boston market sometime within the next 10-15 days if it doesn't get lost in the mail.