dealssuper mario bros for nintendo wii gaming system…


Great game if you don't have it already. It never seems to go on sale at retail, either.

Gamestop still asks $45 for it used.


Dang, I just paid $45 for this yesterday on Neweggg


Good luck getting it from DailySteals! I hope you're not looking for it as a Christmas Gift, or New Years, or Martin Luther King Day... MAYBE Valentine's day! If it doesn't work (since it's used) they won't answer your emails!


It's either NEW or USED. What the heck is "Sealed Factory Recertified" supposed to mean?!

Well, I do know what it means. Let me break it down for you because Dailysteals is known for false advertising with a record of bad business practices.

Yes it's sealed. Ok good.
Factory. Seems ambiguous. Makes you hope the factory is Nintendo. It's not. It's most likely themselves or a third party not affiliated with Nintendo.
Recertified: is a term used by Dailysteals instead of using "used". Recertified makes you think that it's refurbished. It's not. It's used with no reconditioning done.

If you do decided to buy this, here's what to expect. Expect a used DVD placed in a sealed paper envelope. That's how they send out the video games they sell in the past. If you still think that's worth it then go ahead. I just don't want others to think they're getting a new copy of the game in retail packaging. Always think twice when dealing with Dailysteals.


@whymegawd: You hit the nail on the head! "Sealed by them?" Not likely- I don't think they ever see the stuff they sell. That's why you can't send it back if it's broken or the wrong item! Packaging? more like "packaging!" I ordered a keyboard, and it came UNWRAPPED, in just a plastic ups mailer turned inside out! Broken, of course... Run, don't walk, away from these guys.

Check out the forums... including the one where someone accused me of being a disgruntled stalker for continuing to warn people about Dailysteals.


I will not buy from Dailysteals again