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I love my Kindle Keyboard. I thought long and hard on the differences between the Keyboard and the Touch and ultimately chose the Keyboard. I like being able to hold it in one hand and still turn pages and I like the physical keyboard. The Keyboard will also switch to landscape viewing and you can view pdf files. I have the 3G version and quickly and easily download my new selections during my carpool ride to work.


As an alternative to this you could get a non-keyboard Kindle in the "with offers" flavor direct from Amazon for $79. The keyboard is mostly just for searching or putting in wi-fi pass phrases unless you take notes, and the non-keyboard one is actually somewhat more compact.

The idea of ads on an ereader sounds terrible, I know, but they only show up as the screensaver so it's actually incredibly unobtrusive. And you'll see on here from time to time that some of the offers are pretty good and are exclusive- you need a device with ads associated with your account to use them.


as another alternative.. I picked up a "nearly" new Kindle Keyboard on craigslist for $62. I guess it had been turn on a few times to try out. It has worked very well for the past year.


That creepy picture of Emily Dickinson is going to be in my nightmares tonight.


That really creepy Dickinson image really freaks me out when it shows up on my Kindle. I have turned it on and back off again to get a different image. It is quite terrifying in person.


@tippypaws: Tooo funny and true!

I'm not a fan of the keyboard, or rather, the ability to get around -- that stupid square key with the arrows. I've not tried the Touch but I can tell you that I reach more often for my Nook "touch" --- much easier to navigate. My Kindle is a little older than this one, I can see by the slight difference in the keyboard, but the fact remains - navigation is easier on the Nook, or perhaps the Kindle Touch.

I HATE the page turning keys on the sides of this device. I can't hold it without turning a page. This design stinks, IMHO.

My 2 cents.


I love mine. The e-ink is great. I always pick up my Kindle instead of reading on my Ipad, Smartphone or PC (all have the Kindle application installed). I'd also recommend the Kindle cover with the incorporated reading light that used battery power from the Kindle itself.


@silalus: This right here. I got the one with offers and have taken advantage of a few offers. The keyboard is great and helpful when doing longer searches.


I have the 3G keyboard model and I love it. So much easier on the eyes than my ipad (3rd gen) or my RAZR. I like the page turn buttons on the sides. I can hold the Kindle in one hand and turn the page just by squeezing. I suppose it would be problematic if I had a twitch of some sort.

Last week I bought the lighted cover on an Amazon Lightning deal for $30 (my son got one too) and it is great!

At any rate, if you want an e-ink reader, you can't go wrong with this one.


The Kindle Touch is superior, sorry to say it, but I would recommend getting the $99 Kindle Touch with special offers over the Keyboard model. I used a Kindle Keyboard for almost two years (I must have read about 200 eBooks on it), it did serve me well, until it broke. Amazon offered to sell me a Kindle Touch 3G for $104, if I sent them my busted up Kindle Keyboard 3G, and after some internal griping, I accepted their offer.

I immediately discovered how superior the Touch model is to the keyboard. The little buttons on the keyboard are insanely frustrating, and accessing the panel with symbols/numbers is not very well designed UI. The Touch is much easier to maneuver, the UI is less clunky and the controls are actually more intuitive. You don't have to worry about where on the case you hold onto the device, on the Keyboard I constantly hit the back or forward buttons by accident, and it could get frustrating.

Go Touch! :)


I'm snagging this deal as a means to prod my hubby's elderly grandmother into the late 20th century. I've been looking for an inexpensive tablet with pay-as-you-go 3G for my hubby's elderly grandmother, but nobody seems to offer this combo. This isn't a tablet, but the 3G is free, and it meets the need.

This not only gives her an eBook, but it also provides email access and a means to purchase and listen to MP3s independently - without having to purchase internet access or rely on a "connected" relative to download, sync, etc. It is a bit clunky to access email and browse on this thing, but it's not horrible when you have no basis for comparison.


If you have or will get a Kindle (or any e-reader), I recommend downloading Calibre. It will convert pdfs, txts, etc. into any e-reader format. It will also create a storage library on your computer that you can move to and from your device.


Bought a Kindle Keyboard for my mother almost two years ago and the first thing she said was, "What do I need that for?" only to figure out she couldn't live with out it. Then her favorite thing was stolen and she flipped out and bought a KFire (PS Amazon turned that stolen Kindle into a brick, remotely, which was satisfying). The Fire...despite my advice: "You look at a computer screen all day, the e-ink display is better." Well, the Fire is super heavy if you're used to the light and fantastic KKeyboard, and the touch screen isn't great. Finally bought her another KKeyboard and everyone is happy again. This is truly the best Kindle on the market if you want to read books. If you want to watch movies on WiFi, the KFire is okay. If you want a tablet, buy a tablet (iPad, Android, whatever) because the Fire doesn't cut it in that group.


I picked a Kindle Keyboard up a few weeks ago from, used and on sale for $40. I love it! I always put e-books off with the excuse that I like reading a physical book better, but you can't beat the convenience of the Kindle and the e-ink is incredible and very similar to an actual book. Looks like they still have some starting at around $57 -

Never had a problem with CowBoom either.



I have a Kindle, I love it, but I can't stand that picture, especially since I tend to read just before going to sleep. I purposefully leave the cover on until it's powered up just to avoid her haunting, soulless, alien eyes.


@quinnwolf: Thanks for this link! It's just what I needed.


That's Emily Dickinson?! I thought it was Freddie Mercury in drag....