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Wow reading that link(I got about 1/2 the way through the comments) I see where someone like pleepleus is coming from. Of course this doesn't change the fact that with a coupon and a well run store like the ones near me Quiznoes can be a good deal for me the consumer. I really like their sandwiches and until they no longer become a good deal I'll seek them out.
Also note that link is from early '09(4 years ago) things "may" have changed.......hope so anyway.


@bsw321: thanks for the link to
looking at the internal memo (total of 700 coupons allowed, "total reimbursement available is now $525"), as well as separate note that corporate "is reimbursing it’s franchisees for the cost of all of the free subs"... well, $525/700 = $0.75.

So the cost-price of a Quznos sub is 75 cents! Wow, just wow. Take that, all those feeling giddy for scoring sub + drink + chips combo for "only $5".


Quiznos is still around?!


Sad day, I probably would have used this but the Quiznos near me went out of business and was replaced with a BBQ joint.


It's not a good deal because Quizno's doesn't give their employees free health care. I think their owner is rich too. Everybody join the boycott. Who's with me


@pleepleus: I'd send you a quarter or two for the nickle-every-time request but postage goes up tomorrow...


@slamminbeers: Are you kidding? I would have yelled and cheered at such a sight, at least if I wasn't in a hurry.


@xyphox: It's the French version of the franchise...


@jjeff: What in the world is Quizons?


I watched in horror as my sub was caught in the conveyer belt, toasting into oblivion. There was only one lady and she was making subs for the people behind me and I watched with widened eyes as my sub went up in flames. That being said, I love Quizno's. I will gladly take this coupon.


@jjeff: In my case, the Quiznos that didn't honor coupons got bought out by another franchise owner in the area. They take coupons now. :)


@benmason: I had similar issues a couple years back, one of the local restaurants had a different owner than the others, seems they kept their employees in the dark for quite some time about company promotions and finally posted a "NO COUPON" sign on the door. I think this coincided with the Quiznos free sub giveaway (that I wasn't lucky enough to be included on) that created a big stink with franchise owners: I understand that coupons take time and money to get reimbursed (IF corporate reimburses), but it's not fair to be dishonest with your employees and make them look dumb while frustrating your customers.


My one complaint about Quizons(other than withOUT a coupon they can get expensive) is they don't seem to have very good control of their franchisees. I had a Quizons near me that refused to take a coupon(it was even a color one from our local slicks). I argued with the owner who said he was tired to everyone using a coupon! I left without purchasing anything and wrote Quizons corporate thinking they would crack down on this rogue guy. To my dismay they said they couldn't do too much about it, I also mentioned it looked like the store was using generic drink cups instead of the Quizons ones, I assume the owner got them cheaper than Quizons wanted but again they didn't seem too concerned. A day later they did email me back with a coupon for a free meal and suggested another local Quizons(but the wrong direction I normally go). I used the coupon at the other Quizons with no problem and never returned to the other one. Several months later the bad Quizons closed, RIP!


@bsw321: Totally agree! another Chicken Carbonara lover here.
I generally get out of Quizons for ~$5 including small sub, drink and chips, a heck of a deal IMO. The "other" $5 sub place occasionally has a few footlongs for $5 but drink and chips would add another $2+, they also occasionally have the same small sub, drink and chips as Quizons for $5 but their bread is nowhere near as good as Quizons and their "toasting" is a joke. I also dislike Coke products so I like it I can get Diet Mt. Dew at Quizons, at the other subway place I don't even bother with a drink, Mellow Yellow is a joke and I don't need the extra calories since they don't have diet MY. If you only like Coke or prefer the other subs fine don't go their but don't knock Quizons for being overpriced when "with a coupon" they are the same price as other restaurants.

Oh like you I have no stake in Quizons, just like their subs and with a coupon feel they are a great deal.
Thanks for posting the deal!


Not sure if I trust this coupon or the quiznos around me are just plane clueless. Gave this coupon to a friend who works near quiznos and when she tried using it, they claimed that no such promotion was occuring. It has happen to me once but with a different deal that they advertised. Probably 3 years ago they tried the 5 dollar sub thing, but instead of telling you what subs are 5 dollars they let you pick making you believe they were all 5 dollars. Afterwards you see an 8 dollar bill thinking your sub was suppose to be around 5 dollars. I think that when the people dislike for quiznos grew even further.


@bsw321: I want a nickle for every Quiznos post on deals.woot. Apprently money grows on trees where ever bsw321 lives. Quiznos is a huge rip-off.


Thanks for the post. Some people just have something bad to say about everything, don't let that stop you.


Ok so let me save a few people some posts:
- Some believe Quiznos is over-priced. It doesn't cost me $40 to get a sandwich so apparently the mark-up is horrendous wherever @pleepleus lives)

- Some also say that Quiznos treats their employees terribly. I'm not sure which one @cmackin used to work for, but to the best of my knowledge, each store is an independently-owned franchise.

- No, I don't work there, I don't have any family or friends that work for the company, I just fell in love the first time I sank my teeth into a Chicken Carbonara. I don't eat it every day but the coupons help make the decision easier when I'm being indecisive.