dealscrocs men's abf sandals $8.98 + $2.99 shipping…


FYI - If you're thinking of buying these on their website and returning them to the store if you don't like them, you can't. Unlike,, etc., Sports Authority stores WILL NOT take your returns from You have to pay to ship the item back to them for returns.

p.s. As of Monday, 7:30am EST, is redirecting to something called pepperjamnetwork and it's saying "This link is not valid."


@magic cave: Still down at 1:30pm. Tattle pending.


Pepperjam network is a way they kill links. You might have to type it in yourself and go to their site directly.

And sometimes it has a time out feature, if you use the link it might block you out for a while.

They hate linkers! Whats wrong with the internet!