dealsguinness bottle opener flip-flops for $5.40…


So, you walk through fresh dog crap, and open your beer bottle anyway?
Do you think the alcohol will kill the germs?

Pass on this one.


@killjoy: Who walks on the tops of their feet? Look at the link pickypickypicky posted.


The miller lite flip flops are still available too


Put in all of my cc information and shipping, clicked submit only to get a message saying item no longer available. That really ticks me off!


Bummer....I really wanted these!


This is the most bro thing I've ever seen.


No thanks, the last thing I want on the mouth of my bottle is the bottom of my shoe.


@killjoy: Most people try not to walk through fresh dog crap. (I'll admit, though, my shoes are dog crap magnets. I hate dogs!!)


If you want a pair check your local Kohls, you might get lucky... Got these for free there, $6.00 on clearance. Kohls had a $10 gift card they mailed out, good for anything so there you go ;) The bottle opener is a waste, but slick, you don't take any glass to the pool or beach! They have Corona and Miller lite also.


@xterraguy: For the second time, the bottle opener is NOT ON THE BOTTOM OF THE SHOE.


This idea has been around for awhile. Reef has had a pair for years with a bottle opener. BUT.... it is on the bottom lol In their defense, the Reef sandal is probably the most comfortable sandal in the world. It's like walking on a field of breasts.