dealstoshiba excite™ 10 16gb tablet android 4.0 ics…


I will never buy another Toshiba product again.. this product may be good but lord help you if it breaks. the worst customer service ever, took me 3 months to get my blu ray player taken care of, then all they did was issue me a coupon as a refund that had to be used at their online store. and then i had to pay sales tx again on the same money. Horrible horrible company, not to mention it is almost impossible to get to talk to a service rep. NO TOSHIBA is not for me. also has a real bad BBB rating.


@mrbeyer: Toshiba has an A+ with the BBB, so I'm not sure what your problem is.


love how he is complaining about his BluRay player issue with them on the post about a Tablet from Costco... Also like MrBeyer said, their CS is rated higher than other companies. I have NEVER had an issue or problem with support from them in my 15+ years of having Toshiba Lap Tops. (only had to do a few RMAs on Hard Drives when working at one help desk center that had bought over 2,000 of them)


Hey how about that tablet !