dealsessential survival stuff up to 70% off


Am I just stupid or can you really not see what is in each kit? Yeah I see the pic but they aren't exactly very descriptive. Anyone have any of these kits and can tell me if the stuff is quality or crap and maybe even what they contain?


@nmchapma: What are you, some kind of communist? Spend money, why dontcha! If you ever need any of this crap, you're probably screwed anyway. Why are you cutting down a tree in an emergency situation? Probably because you have made terrible life choices.

But no, there is no way to see a list of included items. Some bundles have a low-res picture, but some don't (notably the "Survival Tins" two pack). Think of it like the Hunger Games, you grab a package and hope that you can survive on what's inside.


@nmchapma: Text is super-expensive and eats up bandwidth like nothing else. It's even worse than video. So UC passes the savings on to you by avoiding all of that internet clogging text. See? You should thank them and be happy with whatever awesomeness you get!

I feel like I should really put "/s" after the end of that but if it's not clear to someone then I have no hope for the human race.


When is the last time you saw a company sell quality merchandise and then went out of their way to avoid talking about it?

From what I see this is all 'prepper bandwagon' crap you could get cheaper/better at Wal-Mart. Besides, if you actually DID need to use something here how good are you going to feel at the time that you think you saved $2?

IMO, if you want one, build your own kit, you'll have more savings, fun and peace of mind.


Most of the kits just look like glorified first aid kits. A bunch of bandages, antiseptic, and maybe a granola bar. Oh, and it looks like if you click on the pictures to enlarge them, it lists out each kit's contents.


Place cursor on picture, left click. Obviously do not have to be a nerd to shop at Woot.


@fleance2k: Plus, you'll know what you have and where in the kit you put it. Pre-made first aid kits are usually full of the lowest-quality crap they can find.