dealsplayon lifetime subscription w/ roku lt box for…


I was looking into PlayOn to stream Amazon VOD and basic Hulu to my WDTV Live Plus.

I set up the free trial and it actually works OK. Not 100% effective, but the way they aggregate content from many sites makes it easy to find stuff you didn't know existed online (as long as you don't mind flipping through lists.

However, if you look online, you can find many people unhappy with the "Lifetime Subscriptions". It seems that what they have done in the past, is that your "lifetime subscription" only gets you what you are buying now- no upgrades. So if they ever add channels or new services you have to buy a new subscription to get that service.

Another downside to this is they are "scraping" links from websites then converting the video to something you can stream from your computer to your media player. (Your computer has to be on) This means if a provider decides to "upgrade" (or change) their website, the service can break until the PlayOn programmers can update the software.



This is not quite accurate. I'm with PlayOn. There has been one upgrade in the entire history of the company and we have added countless features and channels since that upgrade which everyone with a Lifetime license for the current version got for no additional cost. Those that bought before the upgrade still have access to all they had when they bought AND we still continue to support it and keep it working.

So, it's possible that we'll have another major version upgrade down the line and there may be a small fee associated with that if you want the NEW features/channels. However, if you buy a lifetime license today we'll support all of the features and channels that you buy for the life of the product.