deals75% off braid on steam for $2.50


Absolutely fantastic game worth every penny at $10. It's a steal at this price.


A must-own, must-play, must-complete game.

A truly unique and mindbending puzzler with innovative mechanics and an ambitious (if, at times, hamfisted) story. That's not to mention the painterly visuals and wonderful music and sound design.

And those clever enough to make it to the end are treated to an ingenious, jaw-dropping twist worthy of a Nolan film. I am trying to think of a cleverer, more satisfying finale in gaming and coming up empty (anyone?)


Agreed with both previous comments. This is an absolutely awesome game. If you've never tried it, just pay the $2.50 and thank me later :)


Does it have a multiplayer mode?


The soundtrack is on sale too, which is also fantastic!


If you miss this sale, just hold down the B button for a while and it'll come back.


Get this right now, don't even waste another minute. These puzzles will make your brain think in ways you've never had to think before, it is my favorite puzzle game of all time. Brilliant.