dealsdrive a tank and crush a car for $549.00


Well kinda...scrolling down on the page reveals that the car crush is $549. The $399.99 is for the 3 star package that includes driving one vehicle and shooting 1 historic gun. Still awesome. I've got a bachelor party coming up in a few months, got my plans now.


Free shipping for...whom? :)


@studerc: Actually, I read it that the car crush is $549 additional (but only $749 for two), on top of the $399 or $549 package.

Still, all in all, an AWESOME concept.


Do they let you do this at your own home? If so it would be well worth the price to crush the car of the person that parks in front of my house and leave the car there for a week at a time.


Anyone willing to come to my house and pay me $200 can use my truck to crush any car you want. Must remove plates and do it at least 2 miles away. I'm willing to bet crushing a car with my truck is more fun than with a heavy window-less tank. Bonus points if you roll it.


Glad I did this when I was in the Army, feel like I just got $549 worth of kick ass for free now.

Although I never did get to crush a car with one, but I did run over someone's Kevlar Helmet.


@mgherter: But a tank is so much more satisfying!


It's so tempting, but the cost of shipping me to the tank kills the deal.


Screw the car! There's shoddy neighborhoods that need a little 'cleaning'.


How is this a deal? This is the normal price.


Zip, if they weren't offering a "deal," you'd have to purchase a tank, right?


@zippy the pinhead: Ok, it's not a deal (as acknowledged by the original poster).

And I'm the first to shout about it when it's a lego set that's "on sale" at the regular price. But this is kind of awesome. I would go so far as to say that it's not a deal in the money-saving sense of the word, but it is a big deal in the for-real-I-can-do-that? sense of the word.

But yes, in general agree that Woot! Community Deals should be reserved for money-saving deals only, no matter how many tanks are involved. Unless it involves me driving a space shuttle or a Bugatti. Then I don't care.


@bione: My goal in life is to do donuts in a Bugatti on the moon.


Are these the same guys that brought you "Fly an F16 shoot a heat seeking missle at a car" or the world famous "Sail a destroyer fire and 88 pulverize at a car and anything else around it?" Cause if it is they are awsome.


I've clearly moved to the right state!


did it for 6 years and they paid ME. Even got to drive my tank on the highway to a 4th of july parade in a town about 20 miles away... now THAT was fun.

And for the record, it IS a deal. These thing don't get miles-per-gallon, they get gallons-per mile.


Do I get a discount if I bring my old POS car?


I drove over a picnic table and a garbage can with a HMMWV in the Air Force... this looks like more fun.


i have done this before. it is well worth it. i drove over 2 cars and it felt like you were the most badass person alive :D


did this for free when i was 4 years old. it was a bren gun carrier. i was in it and like any kid pushing buttons and turning things. it started and was in gear. not intentional. i didn't know how to steer it. the car owner was not appreciative. btw my name is bren. true story.


Can I just go on a date with the Event Day Coordinator instead??? (Check out Drive A Tank Staff on the left hand side...)


@bione: We should be able to add a tag to designate these non-deal deals as something awesome instead of a traditional deal.


Driven a tank, didn't crush a car, though.


@kamikazeken: "These thing don't get miles-per-gallon, they get gallons-per mile."

Get = receive

So, you mean "These thing don't get miles-per-gallon, they lose gallons-per mile."


holy (profanity), can I get this?


Driving a tank......,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...........$349
Crushing a car.......,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.........$599
Your Mother-in-law in the car......Priceless


I wonder if these tanks are California-legal? Oh wait... Who the heck cares!

And that's why I live in MN; AKA "The Greatest State Ever". Turns out DriveATank is only about 20 mins from me, and I get in 1/2 price as Emergency Medical Personnel. Man, why am I not there every day!?!

Hmmm, food for thought... I wonder how much it would cost to run over a Prius?


or be like wong fu for a day
to see what you really get to do for the money


@sninja13: I hope there wasnt a head in the helmet :E


@rwstai: EMS gets half off?! WHY DIDN'T I KNOW THIS?!

I'm an EMT-B. Now I know what I want for my birthday.

Edit: where did you find this information? I can't find it anywhere, and would like to find out for sure.


Wow, makes our ATV club look lame.....can I get a franchise in PA???


i would purchase if i were able to run over the the low riders with loud exhaust and terrible music playing with the drivers in it


I joined the army and I drive the Vehicle that hauls Tanks... i win


@raider9924: Maybe you should email them and buy a car that has been run over by a tank and put it in the parking spot they might get the idea they could be next! and it would save your spot!

When I lived in Pittsburgh they used lawn chair to block spots off-normally after a snowstorm and you had shoveled a spot-I saw many a flat lawn chair! But the best one had to be the people who had a huge sign MINE- FIND ANOTHER SPOT TO PARK IN-lol I could see neighborhoods that could use the tank to remove a few Bad cars!


First to those of you that served - Thank you! I work for the Air Force, but never enlisted. Much respect to all of you.

Second all I can think when I see this is: America, F#@% YEA!


Too bad they don't have a "Drive over your Ex girlfriend". i'd be all over that.


Peter Griffen: Hmm...I'm still not sure.
Car Salesman: Did I mention the tank is a tank?
Peter Griffin: Sold!


I was just at their range last weekend and a group of 3 guys from Cali picked up the package, I have never seen 3 guys with as big a smiles as they had on their faces! I was talking with the staff and it's the only place in America that you can drive a tank and shoot automatic weapons in the same day. Looked like a blast, time to save my pennies!



Thanks for the tip, I lost it at Tank Commander though hahaha


@jraney75: the smile, was it before or after the ride?

I think driving a muscle car for 1 lap for $200 might be a better $ spent


According to this article, for $3500 you can drive a tank through a trailer home.

Pure awesomeness...

The owner is 25, and it's been open for 3 years. Ah, the young entrepreneurial spirit...


@disturbed0ne: Clarification: EMS half-off is only on certain days. 9-11 (two weeks from now) is the next one.


@ttm77: It was during the ride and after shooting the 30 cal chain gun, lol.


I have decided this will be our honeymoon or anniversary trip.


@yewnicornsss: Don't count on it, bro. More like a divorce gift for yourself in 8 years. Until then, look forward to endless trips to Boca Raton to see her mom who detests you for stealing away and ravishing her ahem "virginal" daughter.