deals30 qt. turkey fryer with timer for $44.99


We have a similar fryer with the 36 quart pan.
We don't fry turkeys, though we could.
Instead we cook a number of other items in bulk.

The burner adjustment allows setting the flame from fairly low to very high. That lets us heat 9 gallons of water to boiling point in about 15 minutes. We can then hold that water at a boil or a slow cooking 150-160°F for as long as we need.

Need to boil 10 lbs of potatoes, cabbage and a ham? Have a dozen lobsters? Need to blanch vegetables, picked straight from the garden and into the freezer? Ever cook down sap into maple syrup?

We've found our "fryer" pot to be very handy. It gets used at least a dozen times a year, though we use it more in spring and summer than in winter.

For us it was well worth the $60 sale price we paid a year ago.