dealsadobe photoshop & premiere elements 11 for…


Does anyone think this is worth the price if I already have Elements 10?


@atis: I would say..... maybe.

For most home users, it is normally best to skip a few versions before making an update. Typically, the changes between consecutive editions do not provide enough bang for the buck to warrant the upgrade.

With that being said, if you are a professional user or need a specific feature that is in this version, I would think that the price is pretty good.

Keep in mind, version 12 should be released in Oct/Sept of 2013.


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Just so that everyone is aware, to use this coupon, you have to subscribe to newegg's newsletter. If you don't mind being newegg spammed, then it's a decent deal. Although the Amazon price is only ten bucks more than neweggs sale price.

Amazon price $89.99

Just ordered from newegg. Thanks for posting this.

For anyone else in New York, Newegg didn't charge me any tax. And alot of e-tailers charge tax to NY state customers no matter where they're based. But Newegg seems to be absorbing it to stay competitive.

Thanks again. I love saving $$$.