dealsdiehard 12v/6v digital battery charger/maintainer…


My GOD When will they stop making Die Hard movies?

I can't even tell what the PLOT of this one's supposed to be!


I have my doubts about this charger.

First, it says it "automatically" decides whether you're charging a 6 volt or 12 volt battery. So... if my 12 volt battery is badly discharged, and putting out 5.5 volts, will this charger "decide" that it's a 6 volt battery, and just charge it to 6 volts? I don't like the sounds of this "automatic" feature, and the product description doesn't give any further details.

Also, does this charger have a de-sulfation feature? Sulfation is the cause of most lead-acid battery failure. Sulfates build up on the battery plates, increasing internal resistance and limiting the amount of current the battery can put out. The best chargers have a high-frequency pulse mode which actually removes the sulfate particles from the battery plates, restoring current capacity and extending battery life. The literature doesn't mention this feature for this charger, so I assume it does not have it.

I would not buy this, or any charger without de-sulfation mode.


@crowbite: If your 12 volt battery is down to 5.5 volts, it most likely has permanently damaged cells and you won't be re-charging it at all. A fully discharged 12 volt battery would still have around 11.5 volts with zero load on it.