deals50% off pan pizza


50% off Handmade Pan Pizza at Menu Price. Offer ends 6/9/13

Order total with tax included for carry out. Add 2 bucks for delivery

NO toppings( extra sauce does not count as a topping) comes to
Order Total: $5.98

1 topping $6.80
2 toppings $7.62
3 $8.43
4 $9.23
5 $10.05

ADD 2 bucks for delivery


so it appears with 2 toppings you save just 37 cents vs the 7.99 2 topping pan deal on the main page of the website

= fail


YMMV But in my area Pizza Hut is offering a 55TH ANNIVERSARY DEAL, $5.55 for a Large 1-topping pizza, carryout only through June 15.

And posted on deals here


If anyone has Shoprunner, you get free delivery


@kangoolra: but still please tip at least 20%


@fit410s: if you like no toppings or 1 then you have something with while

I suggest you get no toppings and slice up stuff you got at home and use that for toppings


I like extra sauce


@jimmyd103: If the Pizza Hut were free, I'd still buy Domino's.


If I add $2, will they deliver it via drone?


@fuzzypeaches: they need you to pay via cc in advance for that as it might kill you


yeah but where's the discount for gluten free pizzas? we never catch a break


@fit410s: I find that if I order with the coupon $5.99 for 2 medium, 2-topping pizzas, then make both pizzas pan pizzas, I get each 2-topping pan pizza for $6.99.


@cbodall: that is the 50% off any pizza at menu price. it always comes around in a month or 2


Anything to make me NOT order PAPA JOHN'S.


@fit410s: The last time I checked, saving 37 cents was still saving money. So your fail fails.


I tried this deal out, only really works if that's all you get and you go pick it up, otherwise their 2 medium 2 topping regular pizzas for $12 before tax is still a good deal.

BTW, just got 1 medium pan and 1 medium regular for $13 , they look 90% similar

Shoprunner FTW!


I just did this through online ordering. I ordered a medium deep dish with two toppings and the total price was cheaper then the person stating you save only $0.30.

Actual Receipt from Dominos.

50% Off a Handmade Pan Pizza at Menu Price - Online Only
Medium (12") Handmade Pan Pizza

Whole: Pepperoni, Green Peppers, Extra Robust Inspired Tomato Sauce
remove $5.00
Food & Beverage: $5.00
Taxes: $0.46
Order Total: $5.46
You Saved: $5.00

This is a steal!


On Mon-Thurs you can get a 3-topping Large for $7.99, but it's not pan and only applies to carryout. Still, I order this all the time.


Ordered a medium with 2 toppings, added coupon in cart, came to just over 5 dollars for me with tax!

Quantity 1
Medium (12") Handmade Pan Pizza
Whole: Robust Inspired Tomato Sauce, Cheese, Shredded Provolone Cheese, Pepperoni, Green Peppers


one of you guys is full of jizzle. 3 topping costs less then 2 topping

i smell a rat


@fit410s: I don't know about anyone else's experience with this offer, but I ordered as mentioned above, and my order (with 3 sides of marinara sauce) came to $6.58 with tax. I have the e-mail from my online order and would be happy to share with anyone that doesn't believe it. The pizza itself was delicious as always.


The only good thing about this is the tag "fodd" Foreign object debris damage


@fit410s: I deliver pizza on the week ends I very seldom get a 20% tip I average about 8% people don't realize we pay for our own gas the ware and tear it does to your car. waiters and waitresses get tipped better them we do which makes no sense to me.


@czupik: - Dominoes, when I worked there delivering MANY years ago, gave a $0.50 per pizza pay in addition to our hourly rate, plus tips.

Have they quit giving this per pizza pay?

Also, as a former driver I hate to say this, but, since they charge a $2 delivery fee now, I do NOT tip any more. THAT money SHOULD be going to the driver, and if it's not, then it's time for the drivers to take a stand, and make Dominoes pay you this fee!

BTW - I live within walking distance of my local store, and ONLY get take out now, because of this ridiculous fee !! I used to tip the drivers well !


@wolfsmane: dude

no tip???

and you used to be a driver.



Its possible different areas of the country have slightly different menu prices.



Definitely not! I USED to tip before Domino's instituted their $2 delivery fee for absolutely NO REASON. That $2 SHOULD go to the drivers, there is NO need for Domino's to even think of having a retarded charge like that.

IF I were still a driver, I would be demanding that delivery fee from Domino's. If enough drivers started doing that, Domino's would have to react to it one way or another.

And lastly, I almost NEVER order with delivery, it's usually take out, AND, I have cut my ordering from them by nearly 80% since they decided to screw their loyal customers with the change to making pizzas that tasted like Pizza Hut, PaPa John's, etc. and implemented the delivery charge.

Also, where I live, I am about 1 mile from my local Domino's, and the majority of their deliveries drive right by me.


Your logic is ridiculous. Just because YOU think the money SHOULD go to the driver, that's a reason not to tip? You cheap scumbag. There's a lot of things I think SHOULD happen, but just because they don't, I don't penalize those that it hurts the most. You're disgusting.

And to your point that "the drivers should demand the money," again, that is ridiculous logic. Maybe it is different elsewhere, but in Florida, all the big boys charge delivery fees. Dominos, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, etc. It's an industry standard, welcome to 2013. Don't like it? Don't EVER get delivery. Either walk, drive or take the bus to get your pizza. Or God forbid, cook it yourself.