dealsinception (2 discs) (includes digital copy) (blu…


This is an amazing deal, just ordered two copies for 11 bucks shipped with a tracking number. I bet they are going to be fake discs or something, but I paid with paypal so I will just get my money back if there is a problem with my order.


I watched "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" the other day and imagined retarded Arnie shouting "Inception!" every time he spoke. Really Leonardo Dicrapio really went downhill after that movie. Sucks to peak as a teenager, eh?


they could ship you an empty box and paypal wouldn't refund your money. Paypal only covers you if you don't receive a shipment. If they have a tracking # showing you received something it is your word against theirs. This happened to a good friend of mine with a $2k engagement ring he paid for with paypal and received an empty box via fedex.

That being said, this is only a couple bucks... so I'm in!


@getpartsmart: I disagree. A fellow did not follow through on sending me a $40 motorcycle jacket. I was paid by paypal after about a two month period. They also turned off the thief's paypal account. He ended up paying them 6 months later, which they informed me about.

For my part I acted like a adult. I knew he was young (under 20) and stupid. He owned a pay as you go phone. I would dial his number at all sorts of different times from different phones. Then if he was not there I would put my phone next to the radio to fill his message space. Resentment is like a poison, so better out then in! I did some other things but lets just say I really hate being ripped off. I once had all my tools stolen and tracked them down at our local flea market.

Sorry for the rant. Yes I am in for one.


It won't let me select paypal as a payment method.


As a head's up, I bought this on Black Friday for $5 or so and the digital copy is expired, expired in May I believe. Still a great movie though.


Searching on google, this retailer doesn't have too many complaints...mostly good reviews. One person posted a horrible review, but their main complaint was that the company said they shipped on 6/1 when the USPS said it was 6/2. Sounded like a simple mistake that someone blew out of proportion.

So I don't think you'll be getting empty boxes...these blu rays have been on sale every week from many retailers since black friday.

edit: OK I take some of that back, gives them an F, though they are only basing it on 5 complaints.


I ordered a ton of their ~$5 discs for Christmas, some ended up being out of stock and never arrived (but I wasnt charged so fine by me) the fam loved the DVDs and so far they all work :) I'm headed back now to see what new deals they have.


Most Credit Unions will give your money back and investigate a company if the product is fraudulent or if they ship you an empty box.


Guys, I ordered and I got mine, shipping was delayed though due to holiday season.


I ordered inception along with each of the three lord of the rings films on bluray. I got a piece of cardboard. I tore it to shreds thinking maybe they shipped discs only without cases, but no, they sent me a piece of cardboard..


Just an update: it took them over a week to respond to my email, but they said replacement discs were being sent, and I did receive all four of them today. I thought you folks would like to know that I did ultimately receive them.