dealsturtle beach ear force px5 programmable wireless…


Seems like a decent deal, but I've never heard of the website. The site has no WOT ratings. Anyone have experience with this it? Everything ever posted about it seems to be from the site itself.


I don't know about the website, but over the last year, turtle beach has been fixing up and reselling their PX5's as refurbished for around this price.
I bought mine refurbed on new egg six months ago.
Haven't had any problems yet....but then again, I've only used them for 40 hours.


I've owned the PX5s for almost two years now and have put a lot of miles on them - they work great as long as you are not near your router. The router will cause interference and it can get really annoying as the sound goes in and out. But if you are not near your router, you are good to go. Long story short, these will improve your gaming, but will have a negative impact on your sex life.