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We were given one of these as a gift when our first kid was born. The quality of the parts was atrocious. They company will ship you new parts if you're not happy with the quality of the pieces you get, but the parts are shipped from Canada and take about 3 weeks to be delivered. The replacement parts are shipped in thin cardboard boxes with nothing more that bubble wrap to protect them.

In the original chair we got from Sears, the seat base and seat back were both badly beat up. Normally, I'm a "Hey we paid $100 for it, what do you expect," kind of person, but it took us 3 calls to the company for replacements on the back and 5 on the base, just to get a usable chair. All in all, it took us close to 8 months to finally get a chair that could be used.

We were also given 2 Graco cribs as gifts. One of which had a backboard that wasn't glued together well enough and stated to fall apart. Both of which we recall cribs because of the drop side in them.


I recommend new parents avoid Graco's furniture altogether now. Seriously injuring your newbie isn't worth saving $100. Both the backboard issue and the drop side issue resulted in several deaths each. It wasn't until my kids were out of the cribs that recalls were issued and the crib was subsequently discontinued.