deals2 pairs of prescription eyeglasses with coatings…


Buy them from their Canada store and save a little on the currency exchange.


From the website at the URL:

2 Pairs of EYEGLASSES = $10 Plus Shipping
Coupon Code: DEALSWOOT10
- Any 2 x $4.95 Frames
- 1.57 Standard SV Lenses
- Anti-Scratch Coating
- Anti-Reflective Coating
- Full UV Protection
- Hard Case & Cleaning Cloth


I am too dumb to order these glasses. None of the frames will allow me to select "1.57 Standard SV Lenses".


This ad is entirely inaccurate. It's only for particular prescriptions. You only get a discount. The $10 price is negotiable on their end. Disappointing.


Well, customer service did agree to make up the difference in price after a certain amount of cajoling and delay. It is a great deal, so hopefully I'm getting something decent. It's just for back-ups, not everyday use, so my hopes are high. Mixed feelings about the veracity of the ad, but good feelings about their customer service.


Be aware, shipping is $10. I ended up with two pair of single vision glasses with coatings for $20 shipped for my 9-year-old daughter. She's got a pretty weak prescription, so I guess that's why I was able to go with the basic lenses. One of the pair even comes with clip on sunglasses. They seem pretty hip for a 9-year-old, and I don't really care if she breaks them.

On a side-note, the best brick and mortar place I've found for reasonable eye exams and glasses for my three kids is Sam's Club. They had no problem writing out the prescription for me, and I peeked over the lady's shoulder when she was measuring the PD (pupil distance) and quietly wrote that on the prescription once they handed it over.


deal works fine, but you have to pay shipping ($9.95). would be nice if this was mentioned more prominently in the post. still, this site is nice and reliable, got some glasses last time and they were worth it.