dealsskullcandy smokin’ buds stereo headphones for $11…


Showing up as $15.99 + shipping.

Oh, and the link isn't a direct link, you have to click on the left.


@bchris86: sorry wooters. small glitch. hopefully fixed now.


got these for $3.99 during a woot!off. They are great but not for that price!


@lukesed: um... only one color is cheaper. but ok.


Got these during the previous woot-off and my teen-age kids loved them. They like them better than more expensive headphones. Sound is great and the ear plugs help isolate outside noise. Only problem, getting your kids attention while they are wearing them.


check out the warranty on skullcandy products:
Basically, if they break on their own, you get a free replacement. If you manage to break them through any other means (aggressive listening), you get a coupon for 50% off at the skullcandy online store.
Also, I've been a skullcandy fan for quite a while, and the noise isolation even in these, their lower-end models, is quite superb.


my only complaint is there is no indication of left and right on the ones i own. it's nice to see some of these have different symbols on either side. I have to play around with the balance on my computer to figure out which is which.


I like the skull candy stuff I've had so far. They're also great about their warranty. I only guess that these lower end ear buds have a warranty like the higher ends buds do.