dealsunlimited wings buffalo wild wings for $9.99


too bad my fiancee works during those times


How much is the dressing and is it per order or a one time fee with unlimited dressing? I wonder if they would let me bring in my own blue cheese dressing.


Buffalo Wild Wings is overrated. Quaker Steak and Lube is sooooo much better. At least there hottest stuff is hot and actually has flavor while it scorches your mouth


BUFFs is the best! unlimited bone-in for $10 and boneless for only $11 Bonus: on your receipt if you do the survey you'll get 6 free wings.


As a native of Buffalo I feel compelled to scoff.


is this for this week or next or always? you didnt specify


@toasterr: good question, the linked site says only, Monday – Friday.
And that post appears to have been addeed on JULY 14?


Is there a reason (other than my stupidity) that I cannot find a link to actually purchase this?


@victorian211: It's dine in only, you don't need to purchase this online before hand. I would call your local BW3 to make sure they're still doing it though.

For myself? I just do the .45 wings on Tuesdays since I wouldn't make it past 12 anyhow.


@victorian211 @toasterr: I believe this is there usual happy hour special that doesn't expire. There is no coupon. Just walk right in.


Thanks. I guess I got confused by the "In for 5" comment. Should of realized it was sarcasm.


@victorian211: oh, sorry. I meant 1 for every day of the week it was offered.


My local Hooters does all-u-can-eat wings on Mondays for $9.99. Wings are ok, but the scenery is awesome! ;)


Unlimited is always a great sounding idea, and I sure do love me some BWW, but I don't think this is the most practical price compared to the regular 50/60 cent specials. While a select few might enjoy consuming more than the 20 bone-in wings or 18 boneless wings necessary to make this a better price, the rest of us would be better off taking advantage of the day-long Tuesday and Thursday deals.

Either way, Buffalo Wild Wings is the best, hands down. :D


@rmushroom: same here on wednesdays, PLUS kids eat free! The wife & I bring the kids there abut once per month, and my little boy (not yet 2) stares at the waitresses like it's an all-you-can-eat buffet for him too!

the nice thing about all-you-eat wings is you get to try out all the different flavors.


I work as a server at a buffalo wild wings, so I can give you guys some information regarding this. Keep in mind, this is restaurant specific so it may vary at your local store.

-The original order of wings comes with either 12 boneless or 12 bone-in wings and your choice of two sides- ranch, blue cheese, celery, or carrots.

-After you order your wings you cannot change from boneless to bone-in or vice versa, you must stick with your original type of wings for each refill you order.

-Any additional sides of ranch or blue cheese will cost you .40 each.

-Refills are free on wings, fries, chips, and wedges. There are no free refills on Onion Rings or side salads. (Like I said, this is just specific to my store only, it may vary at your own location)

-The special runs Monday- Friday from 11am to 2pm.


@axphw1: As a native of anywhere other than Buffalo I feel compelled to scoff at you. I am born/raised in Boston which does make me a douchebag but it does not make me the pre-eminent expert on good baked beans, cream pie, lobster, clam chowder etc.


My friend and I LOVE wings! Once we ate an order of 100 between us. Recently we went to a wing festival and I ate 42 wings. If I paced myself, I could get my money's worth. My problem is that my local BWW store has TERRIBLE service! You'd be lucky to get one refill order in the 3-hour time frame! I've been twice since they opened, and it was terrible both times. I don't think I'll be back...


I will never set foot in a BWW again. The menus were filthy and needed to be cleaned of replaced I needed to wash my hands after ordering. The service was terrible at best and the food was mediocre. The place smelled like it had not been thoroughly cleaned in years. That's the problem with these corporate owned places, nobody gives a damn about the customer or the cleanliness. I eat at my locally owned restaurants and leave the corporate joints to the mindless. I also never understood the big deal about wings, why would anyone pay that much money for a little meat on the bone


B-dubs has literally the worst wings out of any place I have ever eaten. I don't know how people love this place. Plus, they've done away with the .60 wing special on certain days because they've gotten so popular. As mentioned before, their service is terrible too.

Why bother, people?

(i know it sounds like a lot of hate towards them, and it kind of is, but they have an inferior product, terrible service, and the highest price of any buffalo wing based restaurant that i know of.)


Weve got 45 cent wings on tuesdays and ours is always clean. Just got to man up and enjoy the spice of blazin and chase it down with a mango and then finish it off with a terry with a slide of blazin. (or for the weak at heart asian zang.) Dont blame corporate blame the lazy workers your local teens.


Keep in mind that this works Monday - Friday. You can't get the .50/.60 cent deals except on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so it works out great if you're in the area on a Monday, Thursday, or Friday afternoon and are craving some B-Dubs!


@garypaytonglove: "born/raised in Boston which does make me a douchebag" I up-voted just for that

Expert no, but I'm guessing you'd prefer local Boston versions of those food to Red Lobster or other national chains


Duffs or Anchor Bar (for the history), and Rooties Bleu Cheese. Honorable Mention to the late great "Mr. Ed's" bar in Middleport for what were terrific hot/sweet wings.
A BWW is opening on NF Bld.; we'll see how it fares with the local crowd.


not offered in Clarksville, TN location--called about this offer--they thought I was smoking crack!


@axphw1: Appreciative of the vote up...I am probably the exception to the rule but I actually like Red Lobster. It is kind of moot because I have only had it a handful of times because they don't have any in Massachusetts and I don't know that they ever have.


Not a fan. The wild wings are good and all, but its just not the same without the Weck.


@frescamoe: I have to agree: Quaker Steak & Lube have the best wings on the planet!!! However, the closest one to me is 6 1/2 hours away so I'll have to do with BWW....;-]


Called my local store and they said it was $11.99