dealsburg gsm unlocked mobile phone watch with…


Beat me by a minute! I mostly wanted to post it to get feedback. Has anyone out there used one of these?


@belyndag: Hah! But, sorry about that. :(

I'm really interested on the digital one. At $29 it's a great price for me and I'm willing to waste my $30 bucks on this, since I've been looking for these over at Aliexpress and watches like these goes for at least $40 on wholesale pricing.

Watch is really huge though, but that's OK. I think I should get my mother one of these, she never brings her phone with her.

By the way, has anyone ordered from daily steals recently? How did it go?


I bet battery life is an issue


I've never had an issue with Dailysteals, have ordered several things from them.

I wonder how it does SMS, especially the analog dials?


seems like a good deal. the burg website still offers these for full price of $180.


@joshobra: no probs lately ordering from them. I've never had to wait a month for delivery. Seems I get an email with tracking once it's been shipped too.


@joshobra: I've never had any problems with this site. There were a few posts and questions posted from DW folks who had negative experiences, but I've never had a problem.