dealspopular science, wired & more up to 77% off


whoo-hoo! been wanting to subscribe to popular science. $13.49/3 years! hope I like it! this will go well with my wired subscription.


I was hoping some of the other titles that they usually offer during sales were offered. I just moved and would like to get GQ and Esquire fore the new place. I am getting Popular Science from this sell though, couldn't pass it up for $4.99!


Another happy Popular Science subscriber!


Popular Science, such thing man! More like...Nerdular Nerdance..


@conanthelibrarian: You asked and we listened! We have now added GQ to the sale. Enjoy! :)


@bdsmonkey; it will go well with your Wired subcription, it has for me for a few years now. Enjoy!


@discountmags; can you also extend a subscription on any of these? or is it only for new subscribers? I think I have Pop Sci via Amazon and Wired with well, Wired... Please and thanks.


@rxbert: Good for new subscription or renewal, just pick from the drop down list. The price is the same. I just added 3 years each to my Wired and Popular Science subscriptions for a grand total of just under $27! Great deal!!


@rxbert: Yes. What @24601 said below is correct. You can renew any of the titles by selecting "Renew my subscription"


Thx guys (?girls?)! Happy Wooting!


Will get Popular Science for the girl child - bio med eng major.

She has wanted Nat Geo, which I never see on sale, and Cosmopolitan which I haven't seen in a while. Oh well. One out of 3 isn't bad. Thanks DiscountMags.


Does anybody know if these prices are good for the digital subscription?


Is GQ woth it anymore???

I am now getting Details (which came with a free watch (lol)) for three years. I also have Wired and Bicycling now Pop Sci and a few others and dont get to reading all those even now... have a huge growing stack next to the bed already of unread mags but do I NEED GQ too?

Anyones thoughts greatly appreciated.


Woot! About to head-out to some terrible place that happens to rhyme with 'Adventureland' for the next nine months. I'll surely be able to keep up with current trends with my new GQ subscription.


@th3man: Tending a Banana stand? Keep your head down. Be safe