dealsfinal fantasy vii [pc download] for $5.99 + freeā€¦


This has some nasty DRM on it.


@gotweed04: Could you please elaborate? I've been wanting to play FFVII for years, but the one I have has all sorts of issues when I try and run it. This would feasibly be my answer, but if I will just run into DIFFERENT issues, then I won't bother...


Looks like this is the "improved" re-release version, which had major issues on launch:

Shame, as otherwise I'd have considered it... I guess I'll just have to stick with the original PC release from 1998 :)


This is to hype fans back up for XIII-3 err XIII-2-2 right?


HAHA character booster....I did something similar on my Playstation. It involved a controller with a taped turbo button and one joystick being taped so that the party ran in circles. Those were the days...

I have a great setup to make ur party invincible (helps with emerald weapon) if anyone is interested :-)


@garagebandking: - This has Secrurom with limited number of activiations and requires you to be online in order to play.


You have to be online to play, to save, to do anything. Sometimes it just takes a good 5 minutes to load your save files for no good reason. Audio is the terrible version from the original PC version, MIDIs I think, way worse quality than the playstation version and needs replacing to make it not sound terrible. Just do yourself a favor and download the original PC version and mod it, it has a very strong modding community.


Seems like an unnecessary hassle when there are good PlayStation emulators and the ISOs are so easy to find. I played this recently on my android tablet using a playstation emulator.


Wow... I recently built a gaming rig and I love the FF stuff, including 7.

$6 sounded awesome until I read all the crap they pulled with DRM. Forget that!

Not even for $6 will I install that Sony root-kit crap.


Excellent game back in the day, but it's aged pretty poorly. Blocky textures, very linear gameplay.... still an entertaining game and interesting in how revolutionary it was. But it's painfully clear that it was a first-generation game from the 3D era.

Still worth this price.


I'm glad they added free shipping, this would have been very expensive to ship...


I'm all for Don't Copy that Floppy (, but some DRM methods are too annoying for PC. Will continue to use my original PSX disc and emulators.


I got the game for the PC back in the day. Played the whole thing on the numpad. It was a weird experience.


@bobmctooth: It's still weird now-a-days since you can't use the analog stick to control more precise movements. Apparently, "Don't Copy That Floppy" has been updated to "Don't copy That" (


@novastarj: I always love it when people say "linear" in a list of cons or bad things about a game. It always makes me laugh since they can't come up with any valid criticisms, so they just fall back to pretending that pointing out the format of the game is a criticism.
Linear isn't a valid con. A linear game isn't automatically a bad game.


@stryker4526: I would even argue that you need linearity (some semblance thereof) for plot elements and storylines to be effective; eg, you can't really compare World of Warcraft (vast areas to explore and missions to comple) to Warcraft 3 (beautiffully done plot weaving that if it happened in any other order would make no sense -- despite the player switching sides as the story progresses).

Even Non-Linear FF's (FF-13, compared to others) have a central progression that must happen in order...


For someone who wants to play this game, doesn't have it already, and doesn't care about drm (i have plenty of games i need to get to, replaying is low on my list of priorities) are there issues with buying this? What are the bugs/issues people refer to?


@stryker4526: FFVII is linear in a sense that it offers "fake" options to make game-altering decisions (in that they don't actually affect the game at all), and it doesn't actually allow you freedom to explore the world until about 3/4 the way through the game. You're on a decidedly set path until then.

FFIV (or FFIII if you prefer the American numbering) may not have had 3D, but it had more freedom to explore, more sidequests, and the ability to advance the storyline at your own pace. FFVII did not.

None of this is to say VII isn't a great game in its own right, or that linearity is a bad thing. But it definitely set players on a particular path much more strictly than many RPGs before and after it, and the trend in modern gaming is towards more freedom and a more open world. This is just different than many newer gamers are used to, and that's why I said it's "aged."


Do yourself a favor: Go out to your nearest vintage-game shop (or Ebay) and pick up a copy of this for PSX (you also might need a PSX system if you don't have one). You will probably pay $20-$35, but it's worth it. Best played on an old CRT. You don't have to worry about any of the DRM nonsense, just fire up your Playstation and go.


@phalx: A great suggestion. If you don't bother about leveling up your characters high, and don't want to master all materia, the game would serve you what...30 hours? It definitely is a game which has shown its age in terms of graphics, but I feel the gameplay is still relevant and has plenty to offer modern gamers today. Average protagonist, great antagonist and a buxom Tifa.

What's so wrong with linear gameplay anyway? Have people never read these things called 'BOOKS'? Seems pretty linear to me and people appear to still enjoy them! It's not like you can just browse around the pages in any order and get a comprehensive sense of the story. (unless you're type of book is Where's Waldo that is...) I will agree that your time spent in Midgar before you get out into the world DOES seem to take a while, and does seem dark and grimy, but once you do get into the world it is worth it. Linear and RPG kind of go together anyway.