dealsthe mel brooks collection [blu-ray]: mel brooks…


Says $33.99 when I click on the site... +free shipping.


It's $33.99 not $24.49? What am I missing here?


@mjlamb84: Strange! When I click on the link I used I get the same thing you did, but if I go at it from their Deal of the Day page (which is how I got there in the first place!) I get the correct price of $24.49.

Try this link:


Must be something screwy on Amazon's end. I found it on their Deal of the Day page, clicked that link, and Wooted it from there. Not sure how it's coming to the wrong price. Again, try to get there directly. I will tattle and see if a mod can correct it.


It was a gold box deal of the day. It is now sold out at that price.

As of this post, you can still join the waitlist for a chance to purchase, should more become available.


This is an amazon lighting deal and it lasts for a short time as per the daily deals page and it is 100% claimed already.


Typical Amazon "bait and switch". They do it all the time.