dealssling media slingbox solo - refurbished for $79.99


Capacitors fail regularly, and Sling media makes you jump through hoops to get it replaced. Beware


I've been using a Slingbox since 2005, and I also have had this Solo model since its introduction in 2007 - running nearly 24/7/365 with zero issues.

I have had no issues whatsoever with my Sling Media products over the last 8 years.

Of course, YMMV, but realistically, based on simple odds, you will also have no problems with any of their products. Enjoy.


I've had my slingbox solo for about a year, no issues except for when I moved to a new apartment - couldn't find anywhere that when you move to a new router/cablebox, you have to reset the device (there's a reset button to press and hold). Aside from that, flawless.


I've been a Slingbox user for many many years and am very surprised that the technology never became that popular.

Note that once you fall in love with Slingbox, you'l want to upgrade from this model. The SOLO only streams in SD--not HD. You'll need the Slingbox PRO HD or one of the newly released model to stream HD.

I "borrow" my folks cable and watch all the TV and sports I want for free! Was a great investment.