dealsleak frog water alarm for $11.95 + free shipping


I was expecting an alarm clock that sprayed you with water when it was time to get up.


I haven't done so myself, but I've heard of aquarium guys using these for their fish tanks. $12 for a water sensor that is already set up and working? Awesome :)


I'd only buy this during a woot-off. I've kept my eyes peeled for 5 months now, but it's my understanding this is merely a ghost of woot-offs past.


I've bought several of these through woot as gifts for the family and we have them all over the house. Three of the five families that got them from us last Christmas have called during the past year with high praises. One had a leaking under-the-sink trap in the kitchen; one forgot to clean their a/c filter and it ran over; one had a leaking intake hose on their washing machine. We also had a leaking trap in the kitchen. And, yes, when they go off it is reasonably loud and I didn't waste my time looking all over the house for a weak cordless phone with a subtle little beep. I love the things :-)


@billvg: Me too! I was actually kinda considering getting one :)


How long do the batteries last?