dealsapple 16gb ipad 3 with wifi for $449.00


In-store only. Also, note that this is the iPad 3, not the recently released iPad 4, which is pretty much the same as the iPad 3 except 1) it is twice as fast, and 2) it uses the new tiny dock connector. Given that you can get a 16GB WiFi-only iPad 4 for $499 from Apple, this doesn't seem like a great deal unless you want to stick with the old 30-pin dock connector.


@billintoo: Good point. I'll ask the admin to clarify in the heading and body.


Yeah, for those confused about this deal: "The New iPad" is the actual name of the 3rd generation iPad. The real new iPad is actually the 4th generation and is titled "iPad with Retina Display".


Should call it the Apple Obsolete 3


Wrong, the iPad 4 is the mini and its half the speed of the IPad 3. The iPad 3 or the New iPad as its called does have the retina display.


@shocker - shiranissosexy is right. The "new iPad" that came out in March was updated/refreshed when the iPad mini was released and is now called the "new iPad with Retina Display". The line that came out in March that people were calling the iPad 3 is no longer being produced - the iPads available in the link you provided are actually 4th generation iPads and are better in a few ways than the ones that came out back in March.

Apple made that update quietly with very little fanfare.