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@zappajoe: Thanks for the tip! Bought them at the 1 sale site. I love that they let you use PayPal.


the all4cellular $9.99 deal is for a refurbished unit - they're selling a new one for $14.99. However, both are authentic Apple products. The units offered by 1saleaday are knockoffs.


I ALSO enjoy sites that let you use Paypal. I got the 1saleaday ones and they ARE knockoffs and don't fit into LifeProof Iphone cases (fyi). The bf complains every time that I got like 5+ of them last time I found them on sale. Should've gotten a REAL iphone plug, he says!


@joecooool The deal "sucks"? And your evidence is to compare the price to that of a knockoff? Those knockoff cables rarely last a month or two. Just look at the reviews for the link you posted. My family has gone through dozens of lightning cables and the genuine Apple cables have held up the best. (Though, even they fail at a costly rate.)