dealsnew 7 inch google android tablet notebook with…


You can get these crappy Chinese iPad knock-offs for much less than this.


@smedrick: Get a life, just stating your opinion and saying "you can get it for less" is a completely useless comment. What makes you say they're a cheap knock-off and WHERE can you get them for less? Learn how to write comments.


@animuson: You've got to be kidding me. Take it easy. It's definitely a cheap knock-off. Use some common sense.

1. It's photographed on top of a Chinese newspaper.
2. It has no brand name and is not approved by Google. They have no permission from Google to give full access to the Android market and risk being blacklisted in the future.
3. Hell, just look at that cheap usb-ethernet port they package with it to give you "Internet Cable" access.

The internet is flooded with these things and they all have similar specs. No legitimate company has released an Android tablet yet. Learn how to use the Internet.