dealssave 75% on plants vs. zombies goty edition on…


I'll buy a copy for the first person to respond to this. No Joke.


Wow, that was faster than I expected!

@inspectrex: My Steam username is 'MyNameIsJohnDaker'. or [DW] Steve Kolasa. Add me there and I'll gift it to you

This is a real fun game, It's easy to sink hours into it. Definitely worth it at 10 dollars, and a steal at $2.49.


I bought this for $10 long ago, and I still play the heck out of it (Steam says 644 hours!)

I recently picked it up for the Kindle Fire recently and was pretty disappointed. It doesn't have nearly as many game variations as the PC version.


@cowboydann: You're a kind, generous individual. Thanks for being a part of the DW community, Steve!


Aww man, it doesn't seem to work on my netbook. I should have checked the system requirements first. $2.49 wasted! :(


@bmw66x: Just in case you didn't know, the nice thing about steam is the game is yours forever and you can download it on any other PC you get in the future. You may not be able to play it now but someday you'll enjoy this. Not a waste.


@inspectrex: I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow right after work so if you don't add me tonight you'll have to wait until Monday to get your game gifted to you.


@cowboydann: That I do know. All is not lost. :)


@bmw66x: Try putting it in full screen mode. I have a first generation HP netbook that I can play it on, but only in full screen mode.


Had this on PC. Bought the Android version for my Thrive, and just picked up a used copy for the PS3. This game is awesome.