dealscalifornia air tools 4.6-gal. 1 hp ultra quiet…


I was looking at this and noticed the rated life is 2,000 hours? Not very long as I would rather get a longer life oil lubed compressor. Silentaire, Dynair, etc have good compressors that are down to 45dB. Much more pricey, but I ended up buying 2 different Silentaire compressors after a month of research.


It may be ultra quiet, but 1 HP isn't gonna do much besides run a brad nailer. If you want to use an impact wrench or spray gun, you need at least 1.7 if not 2 HP.


@woot tang clan: It says 3000 hours. Plus what market is this targeting? I've seen cheaper oil lube compressors with 1HP output that give their ratings a "hundreds of hours". I'm pretty sure those are meant for casual use. So is this meant for a casual use market as well?