dealsfree book downloader (kindle edition) for $0.00


Anyone know how to tell if this is actually safe to download? Not saying it isn't, I've just learned to be skeptical of free downloads that don't come from Amazon.


@bigelowb: Hi,
I think it's safe because this is my book. :) I'm an Amazon author (my author page: ) and I published this book for marketing purposes. :) Since it is impossible to sell books for free on Amazon, I shared the book on my site.


@ceatos: I'm sure you're a fine person, but I don't download from unknown sites. Perhaps you should put this one on Amazon.

Meanwhile, if you've simply compiled items free of copyright, they're also available for free on the Gutenberg site and more than likely also available for free right on Amazon.


@magic cave: This book can't be published on Amazon because it contains texts from wikipedia about the authors. Impossible to upload as a public domain also.
Yes, you're rigth: anyone can download the books for free from Gutenberg but this book makes it more convenient. :)