dealsweight loose product,energy powder for $56.00


Loose????? Maybe it should be LOSE????? Loose is what your clothing will be when you use this product for a bit. I assume, anyway. Lose is what you should do to your weight if you use this product for a bit. I assume, anyway, Doesn't the school system teach anything???


@winkiephil: Wait! You're BOTH wrong!

It should be "loss".


Yikes!!! Kudos to you!!! You ARE right. I was thinking of all the times I see loose instead of lose and suffered a senior moment. Gold's Gym even used loose instead of lose on a large banner. It was up for one day. Now on to its/it's, their/there, and to/too.


@professore: Maybe it causes diarrhea and therefore "loose" is right?!?!?