deals2 carat white topaz sterling silver stud earringsā€¦


I bought topaz instead of crystal or artificial diamond recently and I was pleasantly surprised at the sparkle! They are really nice gems and it is great to wear a real stone rather than synthetic! It is a great deal for 2 Carats!


Im rather done with jewelry at Shadora. Their diamonds are all junk diamonds and feels rather cheaply made. But it is cheap so I guess no harm no foul


When buying cheaper jewelry you must note that you should never buy accent diamonds. They are very small and do not sparkle at all.
On the other hand, buying gems such as topaz and sapphire and amethyst, they are very nice gems and come in larger sizes. I have bought from Shadora a few times and have been very satisfied with the gems I ordered.
I just know to stay away from any sort of diamond jewelry that says accent or costs under $100 even on sale. (Zales can sell you crap too! Believe me I have seen their diamonds and its junk under $100).

Go for the topaz, sapphires, and other colorful gems and you will love them!


I purchased these from Shadora several months ago. The topaz is clear and bright, the setting is solid and I have had no problems with the post or the backings. My daughter really loves her pair, too.


I also bought this pair from Shadora a few months ago and was pleasantly surprised. The shipment was way faster than I expected and the earrings were very pretty. I'd totally buy these again if I had somebody to give them to.


If you get this deal, you can add a mystery item for a penny. You can get one for every item that you buy that's $6.99 or over so separate your items into separate orders if you're getting more than one.


I purchased 10 of these from another deal site a while back, 2ct white topaz sterling silver stud earrings and man they are a pain to resell. They look amazing, I even took one pair to a pawn shop and he thought they were cubic zirconia. I of course told him they were white topaz and he gave them back and said they were only interested in diamonds (darn). I will say however that everyone I've shown these to have admitted they are very pretty, the sparkle of the gem is great!


I don't know much about jewelry and only really care if the gem sparkles, or looks good. I bought these 3 months ago for my girlfriend. She continues to wear them,

but they are not sparkly and look very cheap. Sorry :/


Ok, I bought these a few weeks ago. They are awesome! A little stingy on the metal but the stones are sparkly and they are totally worth more than what you pay. I highly recommend this site for pretty jewelry on a budget.


had issues submitting the order, got an email saying it went through, I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens, not getting a warm and fuzzy feeling....


just silver stud earrings,i just can wear silver earrings,but this deal is great too!


@revallion93: Have your GF clean her jewelry. You can lose the sparkle if there is oil and other dirt on them. My fiancee cleans her ring every few weeks because of the dirt that gets on it. The same is true for earrings.